Wise Point excels in investigating, recommending, designing and implementing effective strategies to gain the support of internal and external stakeholders across a diverse range of projects and complex issues.

Develop Community Engagement Strategic Plans

Wise Point can work independently or with your team to develop a strategy for engagement that will be effective in helping your organisation achieve its goals.

A well designed strategic community engagement plan can mimise project roadblocks, reduce risk and optimise your project’s outcomes.

Landholder Relations

Bringing in a third party can disperse the tension of landholder relations and improve the outcome of land access requests, negotiations, and relationship management.

Hand responsibility for landholder relations to an experienced team to ensure smoother interactions with your key landholders.

Open Days and Community Events

Community events benefit all stakeholders. They provide the opportunity to build relationships and can provide attendees with facts in an educational, informative manner.

Wise Point leverages its significant experience and proven techniques in stakeholder engagement to host community events that foster goodwill and positivity.


Lobby Group Liaison

Manage and respond to the concerns of lobby groups in a way that is diplomatic and takes each party’s needs into consideration.

We have proven experience in working with lobby groups in the face of socially and environmentally sensitive projects and situations has resulted in cooperation and de-escalation. As a result, issues have been clearly and honestly resolved.

As well as interacting with the community, the service we provide can include mentoring, coaching and training managers and staff to effectively interact and engage with external stakeholders.


We help our clients in bringing people onto the same page so a project can move forward and be better managed.

Face to face encounters are often crucial in helping bring people onto the same page so a project can move forward. Our team has extensive experience in this, having worked with a diverse range of stakeholders and community members on large-scale projects.

Wise Point relies on a personable but structured approach to stakeholder and community engagement, an approach designed to maximise positive outcomes from stakeholder and community engagement workshops.


We provide training and mentoring to our clients so they can better manage their projects and be self-empowered to deliver projects themselves for better outcomes.

Wise Point will train your team, explaining through detailed workshops how to identify stakeholders and risk, how to communicate effectively and how to keep stakeholders at front of mind at each stage of a project.

Our workshops are ideal for project managers, planning staff, event staff, general and frontline managers, plus any staff directly involved with a project requiring stakeholder engagement.


We also conduct DIY workshops where teams can work on their own project and  follow Wise Point’s step-by-step guide to develop and implement their own community and stakeholder engagement strategy

Our tried-and-tested framework will show your team how to minimise risk and reduce the impact of potentially negative stakeholder feedback and encounters.


We evaluate and asses your organisation’s current engagement position by identifying your strengths & weaknesses and spotting new growth opportunities to reduce your risks and achieve your goals.

Our engagement health check involves the relevant individual or team being interviewed by a Wise Point expert and answering a questionnaire together with further business and industry research.

This information is collated to provide you with an external view of the business, to highlight the areas that need change, identifying potential risks to your organisation and ensure you have comprehensive plans in place to mitigate these risks.