Hello and welcome to my first blog… I’m starting out how I intend to continue, by bringing you the very best and latest in industry expertise.

With ‘Stakeholder Engagement’ the newest buzzwords of 2019, you may be asking yourself how you can build and retain trust among the whirl of regulators, customers, suppliers, investors, and the general public. For many, this is one of the most pressing challenges facing business and the public service today.

The stakes have never been higher. People no longer believe what is being said… causing a crisis of leadership and trust in institutions across Government, business, and the media.

This was evident with the recent banking Royal Commission and the fact that the decline of public trust in Governments has become one of the key preoccupations of the public service in the last couple of years.

Businesses and companies of all sizes are not immune to this either.

If a business is not trusted by its stakeholders, it can have major impacts, including: brand damage, bad press, monetary costs, delayed projects and loss of consumer, investor and community confidence.

More than ever before, businesses need to navigate an increasingly sceptical and agitated external environment – via a combination of firm core principles and imaginative new approaches.

In such an explosive environment, it’s good to be able to offer you a practical guide on how to navigate the tricky topics of identifying, interacting with, and responding to external voices.

Thank you for joining my journey as I enter the world of blog-hood and enjoy the slice of advice I have handpicked for you.

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