About Us

Wise Point is an independently owned, leading provider of strategic project and stakeholder management services. Cate McMahon is a well respected project strategist having worked for NSW Government, Teys Australia, BHP and other other organisations large and small.

How We Work

We offer a range of services that can be tailored to suit individual project requirements. These include project and stakeholder management, facilitating workshops and meetings, and mediation services.

Who We work with

Wise Point works with both the public and private sector.  As project strategists we transform the way you manage your project/s and work with stakeholders.


Project Management

We specialise in project management for a wide range of industries including Local Government, urban and rural planning, infrastructure, water, health, waste, community, and environmental sectors.Read More »

Facilitating Meetings and Workshops

We help our clients bring people onto the same page. So your project can move forward and be better managed.

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Strategic Stakeholder Engagement

We design, recommend and implement effective strategies to gain your community’s support across a diverse range of projects and complex issues.

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We act as an impartial third party to seek a way forward and find common ground.Read More »